Sucker Love

Artwork featuring Leonardo DiCaprio from “Romeo and Juliet” in a Jean Michel-Basquiat homage



Good God 

“Good God” Rick the Rula! Slick Rick homage mashed up with the Diamond Skull from Damien Hirst “For the Love of God.” The image is a halftone wheat paste with stenciled spray paint. Surj, 2017


my boy surj, killin it!

Slideshow – Surj | Official

Denver may not have seen any snow, but there’s been a flurry of street art around the city. In fact, the metro area is buried in great graffiti and murals — large and small, intimate and extravagant, chic and downhome. We found that Surj is one of the best street artists in Denver that people are just starting to learn about.